Dark Cut Game

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Are you a flash game fun looking for a good game to play?
Your problem is solved with a one of a kind game known as the Dark Cut. This game is fun to play and it will make you happy as well as keep you busy. Here you will play the role of a medieval doctor who only treats patients who are sent by him by the royal guard. All you are required to do is follow the guidelines carefully to treat all the three patients and finish the game. This is one of the most popular game at Friv ABC Gaming website.

Game tips
The preliminary level is not difficult, and the single thing persons may have more difficulty with is how to time the hammer. The location of the hammer cursor has no affect on you playing the minigame, so long as the pointer is in the screen of the game. Do not feel pushed to do things speedily as mini games i.e. tissue covering. The subsequent level is even much easier because you cannot fail in many of the minigames. The level three is the single one that many people have difficult playing in particular at time the player has to start again from the first patient when he become unsuccessful.

The foremost trouble is with thrashing the chance in. You can take care of the stake striking the farthest left as 1, the center as 2, and the furthest right as 3. Immediately you have the flow in mind, aim to strike on the 2 and you ought to have it on you first attempt. In addition, you can imagine rhythm 12 12 12 to stand for the hard as well as soft ends as you play the game, which depends on timing, equally to hit the stake also to execute the vampire, though, the hammer travel very fast so you may need to click before it arrives at the ‘hard’ bar.
This is how simple and fun dark cut the game is.

Dark Cut Game, 9.2 out of 10 based on 111 ratings
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